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Data Fields
rtr_socket Struct Reference

#include "rtr.h"

Data Fields

rtr_connection_state_fp connection_state_fp
void * connection_state_fp_param_config
void * connection_state_fp_param_group
unsigned int expire_interval
bool has_received_pdus
bool is_resetting
enum rtr_interval_mode iv_mode
time_t last_update
struct pfx_table * pfx_table
unsigned int refresh_interval
bool request_session_id
unsigned int retry_interval
uint32_t serial_number
uint32_t session_id
struct spki_table * spki_table
enum rtr_socket_state state
pthread_t thread_id
struct tr_sockettr_socket
unsigned int version

Detailed Description

tr_socketPointer to an initialized tr_socket that will be used to communicate with the RTR server.
refresh_intervalTime period in seconds. Tells the router how long to wait before next attempting to poll the cache, using a Serial Query or Reset Query PDU.
last_updateTimestamp of the last validation record update. Is 0 if the pfx_table doesn't stores any validation reords from this rtr_socket.
expire_intervalTime period in seconds. Received records are deleted if the client was unable to refresh data for this time period. If 0 is specified, the expire_interval is twice the refresh_interval.
retry_intervalTime period in seconds between a faild quary and the next attempt.
iv_modeDefines handling of incoming intervals.
stateCurrent state of the socket.
session_idsession_id of the RTR session.
request_session_idTrue, if the rtr_client have to request a new none from the server.
serial_numberLast serial number of the obtained validation records.
pfx_tablepfx_table that stores the validation records obtained from the connected rtr server.
thread_idHandle of the thread this socket is running in.
connection_state_fpA callback function that is executed when the state of the socket changes.
connection_state_fp_param_configParameter that is passed to the connection_state_fp callback. Expects a pointer to a rtr_mgr_config struct.
connection_state_fp_param_groupParameter that is passed to the connection_state_fp callback. Expects a pointer to the rtr_mgr_group this socket belongs to.
versionProtocol version used by this socket
has_received_pdusTrue, if this socket has already recieved PDUs
spki_tablespki_table that stores the router keys obtaiend from the connected rtr server